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January 23, 2023

Léna, our Marketing Officer, was interviewed by our Digital Marketing Assistant Manon about her very various missions at Fleetback. Read on to discover more!


Hi Léna, thanks for playing the game of the interview! Can I start by asking you what your job is and when you joined Fleetback?

Hi! I am Fleetback’s Marketing Officer since February 2021. I’m in charge of the marketing and communications strategy as well as the day-to-day related activities. A big part of my work is helping other people do theirs, especially the Support and Sales team: if they need marketing content such as presentations or new visuals, they come to me.

I also work on bigger projects like our online training platform Fleetback Campus, or the implementation of new tools, mailing campaigns on new features of the app, I do press relations, etc. And since last summer, I have had someone helping me with managing our social media! 😉

We are now a little Marketing team of 3 people with Corentin, our Video Producer, and you, our Digital Marketing Assistant.


Such a dream team! What kind of studies did you follow to work in marketing and communications?

I started my higher education in Translation and Interpreting. When I got my Bachelor’s, I entered a Master’s degree in Cross-cultural Management, Communication, and Events in the same school, ESTRI in Lyon.

I enjoyed studying this mix of languages and communications, exactly what I use every day now!


I heard that you’re actually still in contact with your school, could you tell me more?

Yes, last year I was part of their Advancement and Orientation Board. It’s a council kind of thing happening every year where they ask their alumni what courses should be improved or implemented to make sure to teach their students useful skills for the current job market.


Those are such great concerns for a school to have! What tools help you besides the skills that you learned there?

I’ve said it before, I absolutely need my notepad! I’m very organized, I write down everything. I write down my to-do list every evening for the next day, and I highlight completed tasks once they’re done. It’s very rewarding to see the page all colored at the end of the day! I also take notes during meetings, and I keep each notebook as archive when they’re full.

I also organize digitally with Outlook; I know it seems crazy for some of my colleagues, but there are absolutely no emails in my Inbox, ever, since I color-code and classify everything in dedicated folders. 

As for the tools I use for work… I use WordPress to add content or translations to our website. Arnaud, our UX/UI Designer, built us an amazing template tailored to us. He also introduced me to Notion, which I use regularly. It’s a digital content manager, where you can add or edit whatever you want: pages, media, links, code, tasks, calendars… We share a common file so I can see what he’s currently working on, so I always know what I will be working on in a few weeks.

And I’m not sure if that counts as a tool, but I’m a coffee drinker. I thought I was drinking too much of it until I realized that I let it cool down at least three times a day because I forget my mug…


Yuck, cold coffee… What are the things that you like so much in your job that they makes you forget about your mug?

I love being always busy and having a lot of different tasks, I guess that’s why I always forget my mug… I’m also very curious about everything happening in the company. For example, I took the habit of first listening to, then taking part in our developers’ daily scrum meeting; I am both interested in the way they work together and in what they are discussing, because that’s what I will be working on a few weeks later! Listening to the process of a feature’s creation will help me promote it later.

I’m also glad to work in a company where everybody listens to each other. When I need help on a topic, I know that I can ask anyone without ever being turned away.


And do you experience stressful moments in your job?

I’m kind of a “go with the flow” person, I’m not very stressed in my personal life, but I’d say I do get stressed if I make a mistake that directly impacts someone else’s work… But except for that, not really. I come from the automotive industry, where everything is so fast paced because of the short production cycles and projects planned to a T. Here, I can set most of my deadlines myself. Obviously, we sometimes have some emergencies, but it’s pretty rare and the people here are self-confident enough to not scramble around when that happens.


Do you think we all share a Fleetback mindset?

I do. I think we have a healthy debate culture at Fleetback, where everyone can have their voice heard on things that will impact their work. I would say that we also have strong customer satisfaction culture which is shared by everyone. You won’t find that everywhere.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fleetback is the best place for me! Everyone is so friendly and interesting. I know that I am a “care bear” type of person and it can seem silly, but it’s important to me to have good relationships. I mean, see you all more than my husband, so I’d rather get along with everyone.


Do you have any tips for someone starting in the same job as you?

Be curious! Ask if you can sit in during a meeting to understand something better, or ask people what they’re working on. I also think that making mistakes is the best way to learn, because you won’t do the same mistake twice! I have always had the chance to work for people who trusted me and my decisions and let me try things (and sometimes mess something up). Now I try to do the same and to trust people working with me and for me, allowing them to learn in the same way.


Thanks for your time!

Thank you!