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Analyst Programmer


February 23, 2023

Noémie is our Analyst Programmer, and nothing goes past her sharp eye. Read on to discover more about the importance of a shared mindset and professional curiosity.


Hi Noémie, thank you for talking with us today! Can we start by asking you to explain your journey in IT and your job at Fleetback?

Hey! I am an Analyst Programmer. I studied Computer Science in college in a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in AI.

I joined Fleetback in 2020 as a Programmer and I quickly became an Analyst. I could have applied directly for an Analyst position, but I wanted to keep doing different things. I actually evolved into an Analyst Programmer position pretty quickly, because the person who was here before me left. Usually, Analysts work in a team and put all their ideas together to keep the best one, but since I’m the only Analyst in my team, I discuss my ideas directly with the Developers to keep the best out of theirs.


Can you explain the difference between a Developer and an Analyst?

Basically, if you take the example of a feature on a website, the Analyst will say “we would like users to be able to do  on our website, how could we implement it?” and then will analyze the customers’ reflexes, like “we need a button here”. Then you develop a list of tickets to create the whole process, and the Developers will be in charge of technically implementing it.

I like to wear both hats, because it makes me ask realizable requests to my team while being able to help them directly.

In both jobs, we need to always adapt, and we are passionate people. Some of my coworkers even do research on new development methodology or user experience during their free time.


You seem to work in such a cool team! Could you tell us more about the Fleetback spirit?

We kind of work in a startup spirit, in the sense that we’re a relatively small group of people sharing the same mindset: We try to create processes corresponding to people, instead of hiring people corresponding to predefined processes.

We are all jacks of all trades, willing to explore every aspect of our job and even others’. In a small structure like Fleetback, it is such an advantage, because we’re able to have a clear view of projects’ globality.


What kind of tools help you in your job?

I’m in team notebook! But I also have a favorite software: a very intuitive digital whiteboard called Miro where I like putting all my ideas on. And I think coffee counts!


Would you change anything at Fleetback?

Well, my computer over ventilates a little bit… Just kidding, I wouldn’t change anything.


And what is the part of your work you enjoy the most?

I love the analysis! Finding concrete solutions out of a general consideration is rewarding.

I also like working in a team; thinking about solutions with someone else can be very instructive and we are all always willing to help anybody who needs it. If you walk through our open space, you will notice that it’s rarely silent!


Would you have any tips for someone beginning in the same job, or maybe for young Noémie?

Something that really helps me is to write down my workflow (with Miro sometimes). Staying organized and logical is important in our jobs. Also, if your memory tends to trick you, you should definitely hold a journal.


Is it true that you bring home-made food to work every day?

I like to cook, so I almost always cook extra portions to bring for lunch; except sometimes, as a true Belgian I will crave fries and go buy them! But my go-to meal when I lack inspiration is instant ramen upgraded with fresh veggies.


And lastly, we noticed that you are wearing a Slytherin shirt today! Is it your Hogwarts house?

According to the official test, it is! And I can see myself in the discretion and mischievousness of the house.


You definitely make the Slytherin house a better place, just like you do at Fleetback! Thanks so much for your time!