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February 23, 2023

Meet Hamza, our Mobile Programmer, with whom we had a long discussion on the importance of the right energy within a team. Read on to discover more!


Hi Hamza, thanks for accepting this interview! Can we start by asking you what your job is and when you joined Fleetback?

Hi! I joined Fleetback in September 2019 as a Junior Mobile Developer for Android and iOS.


So what’s the main difference between Mobile and Web Development?

In Mobile Development, we code for hundreds of types of devices from all brands working on different Operating Systems. We use a tool called React Native to help us; it allows us to code once for all devices. However, sometimes a bug can appear just on one type of device, and we will have to fix it.

Web Developers usually code only for one device type, and can use more computer power. But if they have a bug, every user will potentially be affected.


What did you study to become a Mobile Developer?

First, I studied in a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in Milan and after my graduation, I moved to the UK for a few months to improve my English. After that, I moved here to the Belval University for a Master’s Degree still in Computing Science but more oriented on Computer Security.


You’re such a globe-trotter!

Ha-ha, yes, I guess it comes to me a bit more naturally than for other people. My parents moved from Morocco to Italy, and I grew up there, and now my siblings and I somehow all managed to live abroad. So I’m used to move around!


Does that help you in your work?

Sure. There’s situations I can more easily relate to, for example. Or sometimes we need to translate something in Italian, and I’ll be the one doing the proof-reading. But overall, it’s always a good thing to have been more places, and to have seen more things. It just broadens your horizons!


What kind of tools do you use daily?

Like every other programmer, I swear by Stack Overflow. It’s a Q&A forum dedicated to solving bugs. When someone has a bug that they cannot fix, other users will help them to find a solution and those solutions stay searchable onto the forum. When you have a bug, you have a 99% of chance that someone on Stack Overflow already has the solution for you. This tool really makes our lives easier.

Another tool that I need is music. I like a lot of kinds of music, from Arabic to European, to Latino and many more! It helps me concentrate while developing and not to get disturbed by the external environment.


And do you get mad when someone tries to speak to you while you have your headphones on?

Absolutely not! I have no problem with that and I’m glad to help whenever I can!


We knew it… How do you have such a smile on your face at every moment of the day?

I had some periods when I smiled less, but I feel like it’s not worth it to be grumpy at work: you will have to stay 8 hours here anyway, so I prefer to spend those hours smiling, joking with everyone.

The work environment is very important, if you make your workplace a happy place, you will be glad to come to work.

My team is in the same mindset, we started joking together from the first day I arrived!


Facts! Could you tell us more about the mindset of your team?

I think we’re all very supportive of each other, if we’re facing a bug, we won’t blame anyone, we’ll just fix it together so we can keep going forward, that’s something we developed through time together.

A good connection with my coworkers is one of the things I enjoy the most in my job.


And what does a typical day with this amazing team looks like?

When I arrive, I check my emails and then I will go to have a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereals. I used to take my breakfast at home, but we are fortunate to have a real office kitchen, so I decided to take advantage of it. It’s a good way to start the day with your coworkers and to win time in the morning.

Then I can start working in the best mood! I used to have lunch with everyone at noon but now I eat at 3:30PM because that’s when the Stock Market opens, and I like to use my lunch break time to check it and sometimes to trade! Then I finish my daily tasks and I enjoy going to the gym after work.


And lastly, would you have any tips for someone beginning in your job?

I do: don’t be scared! You don’t need to know perfectly the job you’re applying for, especially if it’s your first one. Of course, you should be honest in interviews, and you should show your best self; but a company will want to hire you if they feel like they like the person they’re speaking to, so you should also show your true self. Anyone who hires a junior position knows they will train and teach that person, so you shouldn’t be afraid to apply for jobs!

If you’re ready to learn, you will do it while practicing!


Thanks Hamza!